A backlink management tool that will save you time.

For webmasters, agencies, and everyone in-between, Linkody provides all the features for managing backlinks efficiently.

We divided this tour into three parts:

  1. Finding & Monitoring backlinks
  2. Assessing backlinks with powerful SEO metrics (and acting accordingly!)
  3. Copying and improving on competitors’ backlink strategy

First, let Linkody gather your backlinks

We use several reliable sources to get a complete view of your link profile. Of course we’ll deduplicate links and make sure you’ll only see clean url’s.

automatic backlink discovery

Link monitoring is fully automated

Backlinks are checked daily, so losing backlinks (or detecting errors) is noticed quickly.

We’ll notify you by (daily) email!

email reports

Don’t lose traffic

Your traffic is related to the amount and quality of backlinks. If your backlinks disappear, your traffic will drop.

Act quickly!

get back lost backlinks

Use top SEO metrics to assess backlinks

Make use of rich link metrics & data like Mozrank, Domain/Page Authority, Spam Score, Social Shares, IP, Hosting Country, Top-Level-Domain (TLD), External links, Alexa, Follow/Nofollow, Anchor Text, and more!

SEO metrics

→ Are you a newbie, rookie or noob? No worries… We’ll explain all this wizardry in our handy tutorials!

Clear overview of SEO metrics

Quick and handy overview analysis on the distribution of anchors, keywords, TLD, Moz metrics, Spam Score...

Moz, Spam Score, IP Geolocation distributions

Disavow tool

Get rid of “bad neighbourhood” links by easily disavowing them. Export them to Google Search Console, avoid Google penalty.

disavow tool

Add your competitors to see what they’re up to

We’ll notify you of every new link your competitors are building/gaining, so you can spy on their linkbuilding strategy.

add a competitor

Handpick your competitors best backlinks

Use all our SEO metrics to select your competitors best backlinks (these ‘candidate’ links will turn red). When you successfully obtain a link from these domains, they’ll turn green.

get your competitors’ backlinks

Live-chat support

Need help using Linkody? Chat with our Linkbuilding ninjas. They’ll happily answer your questions!

chat with our seo experts